Gliese science fiction book, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, horror and fantasy gliese format: amazon ebook kindle


Science Fiction Book, Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalyptic, Horror and Fantasy Gliese Format: Amazon eBook Kindle

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Make difficulties your motivations ... Learn to deal with them without thinking about giving up. Let yourself be carried away by the world of reading, tales and fantasies with the Gliese Science Fiction book.

Gliese is the first book in an indispensable trilogy for science fiction fans. In the first book of the series, four astronauts fight for their lives when they encounter strange multidimensional creatures. John is the distant and pragmatic space engineer. Sheila is the astrophysicist, seductive and perceptive. Kayne is the dedicated but inconsistent genetic engineer. And Hipátia is the astrobiologist who seeks to prove that she is still the best scientist of her time. In this new habitat, two species compete for the same territory, but only one can win ...

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  • Estado: ES
  • Município: Guarapari
  • Bairro: Muquiçaba
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